Ryval Hoops are the ultimate basketball goal with all professional quality performance and features that players & families have been requesting at an affordable price.  Swing Sets Nashville offers home delivery and professional installation for all of our Ryval Hoops.  Submit a catalog request for sale and installation pricing!

True competition-grade clear view backboard play for your basketball court or driveway, Ryval Hoops is ready to develop the next generation of basketball players.

Fixed Height goals for institutional grade durability & performance for parks, schools and backyard courts.

Wall Mount Basketball Hoops.

Adjustable height goals help younger players develop proper shooting technique & mechanics while enjoying success early on.

Ryval goals are built for the training & rigorous play demands of athletes, from beginner to professional that rival no others.

What makes in-ground basketball hoops a good choice for your home? Our in-ground basketball systems provide ultimate rigidity and take up less space than portable basketball systems. 


 Precise Rim Height Adjustment
The rim height indicator is set after concrete to ensure accurate rim height measurements.
7 guage Steel Pole
The 7 gauge one-piece steel pole delivers maximum stability for gym quality rebounds.  
Dual Spring Heavy Duty
Break Away Flex Rim
w/Pro Tubeā„¢ Net Connector
Premium Backboard Design
1/2″ Thick Tempered Glass Clear View backboard delivers a true gym quality bounce.
Protective Padding
Free 1″ Backboard Edge Padding
Free 2″ Pole and Gusset Padding
 Premium Gusset Design
The pole is secured to the base plate with 8 gussets adding stability and reducing sway.
 XXL Stainless Hardware
Hardware is upgraded FREE to XXL Stainless Steel hardware ensuring maximum protection.
Premium Rust Protection
Hot Dip Galvanized protective undercoat.
Premium Black Powder Coat finishing coat.
J-Bolt Anchor System
The Pole is anchored to concrete pier with 4 J-Bolts. You can take your goal if you move.
Direct Rim Attachment
Shatter Protected backboard by attaching the rim directly to the lower arm.
FX Lift Assist Cylinder
Our FX lift assist cylinder neutralizes the weight of the backboard allowing effortless adjustment.
Extension Arms
Allows for larger overhang distance to keeping players from stepping off the playing surface.

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