Traverse Swing Set

Traverse Swing Set


Traverse Swing Set
Price: $3,889.00

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The Traverse Backyard Odyssey Swing Set – Only $3,889 and Free Shipping to your home!

The Traverse is awesome! It begins with the Backyard Odyssey Tower 2 that is all decked out with a wood roof and 7′ inside loft. Down below there is a cute clubhouse with white trimmed windows, a real door, and a snack window. Inside there is a play sink, stove, and cordless phone. Outside the clubhouse (and under the loft) there is a deck with two pedestal seat for relaxing and enjoying some cool drinks in the shade. Now for the REAL fun: There are THREE slides. Our Rocket slides are positioned off the 5′ high deck, the 7′ high loft, and the Turbo slide winds its way down from the upper balcony. A standard ladder is located in back for getting up to the deck and there are challenging monkey bars for all the climbers in the gang. Finally, our dual swing beam is there with four widely-spaced heavy duty belt swings. The Traverse will be the place for all the neighborhood kids to hang out! The whole set is made from 100% cedar. It’s easy to assemble and contains our unique SafeTLock hardware, powder-coated metal brackets for extra strength, and the wood is pre-cut, pre-drilled, and pre-stained.


Cedar Wood
Pre-Cut, Pre-Drilled and Pre-Stained For Simple Assembly
Powder-Coated Brackets
SafeTFuse Hardware
Odyssey Tower 2 – With Interior Loft and Balcony
Clubhouse – Real Door, White Trim Windows, Snack Window, and Fun Play Accessories Inside
Deck With Two Pedestal Seats
Climbing Ladder
(2) Two Position Swing Beam
(4) Belts Swings
(2) Rocket Slides
(1) Turbo Slide
Monkey Bars


29’ 2″ W X 24’ 4.5” D X 12’ 11.5” H


1474 lbs

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