Magellan 3 Swing Set

Magellan 3 Swing Set

Magellan 3
This Magellan has the open base fort with wood roof and end gables. The picnic table is down below. We’ve added a 6′ high Magellan Tower with a solid 6′ rock wall climbing up and our 12′ Rocket Slide going down. A standard ladder climbs to the 5′ high deck of the Magellan and there’s even a Firemen’s Pole to slip down the fast way. The extra tall swing beam is a 2 position and there are two belts swings with long chains for super swooping to and fro. This configuration shows how flexible swingsets from Backyard Adventures can be!

Explorer Series Magellan Catalog 2012 – Page 3


Play set shown with:

Standard Features:

  • Picnic Table

Options Shown:

  • Magellan Tower with 6′ Solid Rock Wall
  • Two Position Super Single Beam
  • Two Belt Swings
  • 12′ Rocket Slide
  • Super Fireman’s Pole


Magellan Explorer Footprint Config 3

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